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Get Wood is sex positive comic Jess Wood’s audio diary. From the streets to the sheets, nothing is off limits! NSFW * Submit

Mama Madness

Jess Wood takes you on wild adventures from her week....Mama El vibes! Lasagna Judges no-one! Who Are We Really? and more magical mysteries!

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Flick ‘n’ Stick

Posted in men, masturbation, lol, ratchet, pussy, crystal methaney, women, marijuana, dating, comedy, Prostitutes, funny, Art, Gangs, haha, lyft, giggle, acid by thejesswood on November 17th, 2020

Jess Wood takes you with her to the new business idea, a rude threader, methy-methersons and much a bonus female, small business shout out!

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Courtyard Shots & Hiking Spots

Posted in sex, men, lol, vagina, ratchet, women, tattoos, guns, Sex stories, Stories, dating, comedy, funny, haha, giggle, instagram, true stories by thejesswood on November 10th, 2020

Jess Wood is back this week with more exciting and hilarious stories. She met her 1st METHERS! She went THRIFT SHOPPING! She had a INSANE green chili burrito! and so much more....

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Quirky in Burque

Jess comes at ya live and wild from her new apartment! She's unnerved at the Beauty! And she's diving DEEP into what it means to feel DESERVING and LOVABLE. Big themes mixed with big laughs! 

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Facials or Facials

Jess Wood is back this week with more crazy stories from her week; Cast of Oz Movers! Scary WalMart Trumpers! Facials for Fun! and more.

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Sexy Chix Dic Pix Chicago 7

Jess Wood takes her listeners on adventures throughout her week! Jess is on Netflix this week! She also did Palm Springs Comedy Fest! Mama El's 'Hooker' Acting Reel and more hilarity! 

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Muthaf*ckin Mailikai

Posted in men, lol, haunted, naked, titty, ratchet, women, Stories, comedy, funny, Gangs, haha, giggle, mama, true stories, witchy by thejesswood on October 13th, 2020

Jess Wood haunts your ears with laughs this week as she takes you on spook-tacular adventures! RIP Eddie Van Halen-BONUS David Le Roth stories!! plus; The Chinese Haircut! Showers with Clothes! Ska Sandwiches and much more fun!

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Tuesday THOTS & Therapy

Posted in sex, advice, men, poop, lol, ratchet, pussy, women, guns, Sex stories, pubic hair, Stories, dating, comedy, funny, Art, haha, giggle, mama, true stories, acid, witchy by thejesswood on October 6th, 2020

Jess Wood uses comedy to tell her crazy ass childhood stories, mixing them with adventures from her week. This week includes; Don't Shame The WAP! Stop Carrying That! Peeing into Jars and more...

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Fairie Fest 2020

Posted in DefaultTag by thejesswood on September 29th, 2020

Jess Wood is back this week after her tech difficulties!! Catching you up on the fist fights from her 7th birthday, to the wild-ass gift she got herself on her 10th birthday...and bringing in some stories from the week; Halloween aisle at Rite aid, fairies are real and more!

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A Different Time

Jess Wood is GetWood and she's telling hilarious and touching stories from her history and the last week. From the streets to the sheets, nothing is off limits!! This week Jess continues her tales of growing up a hippie kid in LA, her crazy parents, sex without questions and the things a girl child may need to help herself outta a jam or two.

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