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A Good Face Climb

Jess is back with new stories of SEX! TATTOOS! GHOSTS! and much more crazy shit! 


The DNA Dude

Jess is back with more stories of adventures in the streets and sexual encounters in the sheets! Insta-BONERS with Pirate & Laundro! Security Busts! Slutty Suggestions! RIP ARETHA! Bill Burr Busts out! AND much much more fun and sillyness.


Witches On Welfare

Jess is back with witchy ratchetness! True stories of Sexy Boys! Comedy Shows! Witchcraft! Retrograde Fuckery! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!


A Ratchet Revolution

Jess is back with more true funny stories! From the streets to the sheets, nothing is off limits! Another Kill Tony Spot! Jess Yells At White Men! Laundro Update! 7/11 Can Suck It!! Ghost Visits and so much more!!


Bio Princess

Jess is back with more funny, crazy, true shit...Jerking Off Homeless! That White Dude Is Scary and I think I know him...! Acid at The Dead! 4th of Jerk-lie! and a few live shows this week;

Wed.7/11 8:30 "Double Dutch" @ Blue Goose Lounge Sunset Blvd, Hollywood

Thurs.7/12 9:30 "Red Hot Industry Showcase" @ The Clubhouse Vermont Ave, Hollywood

Sat.7/14 8:00 "Couples Therapy" @ The Virgil  Virgil Ave, Hollywood 


Ed Head til Im Dead

Jess is back with more adventures from the bus to the bong, vibrators and villianous leggings! Fathers Day Fuckery! Bus Drama! Brunch Bitches and much much more!! #NSFWpodcast #truestories #hahaha 


Love, Your Yoni

Jess is back and covering all the craziest shit from her last two weeks. Homeless Dads! Laundro Life! Tattoo Time! Pirate Plunge! Sexy Sex and much much more. Jess doesn't leave any details out...from the streets to the sheets, nothing is off limits.


The Heroin People

Posted in lol, food, ratchet, crystal methaney, Stories, Sexting, comedy, funny, Art, Gangs, haha, true stories by thejesswood on May 27th, 2018

Jess is back and telling listeners about her 12yr old spandex wearing self, A Laundro update, loving acid and punk rock, KillTony Podcast (again!) and more...


Helpful Hoes

Jess Wood is back with more GET WOOD* stories from the streets to the sheets, nothing off limits! Comic, storyteller Jess Wood tells true stories, does characters and just plain entertains with glee. This episode finds Jess on The Kill Tony Podcast! Keith & The Girl! Soaking in a jacuzzi and much more...


Magical As F*ck

Jess Wood is Get Wood; #nsfw, audio diary! From the sheets to the streets, Jess never edits herself...nothing is off limits...Friday the 13th tattoos, 420 Love, Queer Eye and much more!!


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