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Freak Show Positive

Jess Wood has had another week of wild-ass-stories! Masked Tsunami! Hording Whores! Big HIV Score! and much more....




Clitty Litter

Posted in sex, twerk, lol, vagina, tweets, texting, ratchet, lick, women, Tinder, comedy, funny, Art, haha, giggle, instagram, true stories by thejesswood on February 11th, 2020

Jess Wood cums at ya this week with more funny, silly-ass true stories...Mad at Meditation! Dental DAMNS! Past Punks & Gangsters! And more goodies strewn around for your pleasure.


Victorious Vaginas

Jess Wood is back with more of her wild stories of the week...Heavy Metal Rat! Smiling Vladamirs! Stressful Yoga! and much more silly stuff.


Handsome Taliban

Jess Wood is back again with wild tales from her week! Lyft Lady Lists! Drunk Sex! Metro Fans! RIP Koby and more...

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Tinder Town!

This week gets more hilarious and wild stories from "Mr" Jess Wood! Sexy Pool Gauze! Hear the Horny Sounds! Now with even more stories and sass.


Disney Acid

Posted in sex, lol, unicorn, ratchet, marijuana, tattoos, Sex stories, Stories, dating, comedy, funny, haha, giggle, mama, instagram, true stories, acid by thejesswood on January 14th, 2020

Jess Wood is back this week with more wild tales! X-Mackin! Riding Jess'! Who's Poo Is That? and much more silliness...

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Respect Homeboys D

Jess Wood is back this week with more tales from the wood...Laundro VS. Pirate! ACID! NYE Past! Nasty Ass Skin! Thriving! and more.



Top Hat+Tie Dye=Acid

Posted in sex, lol, ratchet, Stories, dating, comedy, funny, Art, Gangs, haha, giggle, true stories, acid, witches by thejesswood on December 31st, 2019

Jess is back with her last show of the decade! Listen & Laugh as she takes you through her stories of New Years Pasts! Merry Jewmas! Subway Platform Protests! and more



Aye, Cabrona!

Jess is back this week with more wild shiz...SantaLand Elf Adventures! Am I Handsome? Pirate Shenanigans! Laundro vs. Dirk Digler! and much more.


Jr Chi Hooker

Posted in sex, lol, naked, ratchet, hooker, Stories, school, dating, comedy, Prostitutes, funny, Gangs, haha, lyft, giggle, mama, instagram, true stories, Patreon by thejesswood on December 17th, 2019

Jess is back, Jess is back, Jess is back...Miserable Waitresses! Lovers Past! Rennisance Faire! Bus Bummers! and much more madness for ya, babies.


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