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Merry Jizzmass

Jess Wood is back with a very special Christmas episode of GET WOOD! It's An #NSFW Audio Diary that includes stories, characters and songs. Nothing is off limits-from the streets to the sheets, Jess tells all.

This week Jess re-caps last years' jizzmass show, compares xmas parties, discusses witches and solstice, gives a big-ole book update and so much muthafuckin more!!


Hoe-low-ween Frights

Jess Wood is back with "sixty some-odd minutes, of some odd shit!" Stories from the steets to the sheets, characters and bus rides, laundry and costumes, Halloween and Therapy make appearances this week.


U Had Me @ Dicks

Jess is back and funnier than ever! This week; Road Head! New Moon! Uber Fucks! Laundro's Birthday! and much more sass 'n' sillyness.




Giggling Thug

Jess Wood takes you on adventures through the wild streets of Los Angeles; Listen to her speak on...

Crip pick-up on the Metro, a Homeless husband, Peeing Vs. Squirting, a lesson from Mama El and much more!! 
Listen. Laugh & Share.

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Sex Ed, No Homo w/ Greg Walloch

This week Jess talks to Founder & Director of The Alchemy of Storytelling and Creator of 'Eat Your Words' the hip and funny food-themed, storytelling show at the Standard Sunset in Hollywood.

Greg tells his stories of growing up and only learning about one kind of sex when anyone would talk to him at all. A fabulous storyteller, he gives a few good ones-especially if you believe in the power of a good ass eating. He also delightfully mentioned that he hopes we are all still learning stuff. Love him. 
 Check Greg out;

Thank you Sarah V for the news!! 
Jackie Beat video....

 Are there any stories you'd like Jess and friends to discuss? Send em to her

The Florida Forty

Jess and Josh are back this week talking Dicks on Parade, Yelling at Politicians, Nurse Dicks, Janet's Old Eggs, Oh Florida! and so much more! 

jess and josh answer anything, so send stories


One Angry Mummyfucka

Hey gang! Jess and Josh are back this week talking Assault w a deadly Gator, Powerfully Strong Vagina's, Racism & the ruckus around Beyonce's Formation Video, Michigan's poo water yet No Poo-Hole, plus much more...listen laugh subscribe. 


Santa’s Slashin’

This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW podcast, Jess and Josh discuss Subway Vigilantes, Mee-Maw's Sex Scare, A 10 year old Driver, Oh, England! and more.



This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh discuss Who Gets Hanukah, Toys R Us Shoot-out, Camaroonian Cholas, Oh Florida! And much more!!


Sourdough Vage

This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Bread made the old-fashioned way? Tittles-Out fight club, Mo'Nique and her 'hall passes', Update on Twerking victim, Abandoned Nativity baby and more!!


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