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Shi##y Selfies

Jess is back this week with stories from the streets! Methadone addict audition! Putting the Team Back! Anal gets poopy! and much more...


Watch Love, Connie 


Sourdough Vage

This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Bread made the old-fashioned way? Tittles-Out fight club, Mo'Nique and her 'hall passes', Update on Twerking victim, Abandoned Nativity baby and more!!


Fashionable Bush

This week on your favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Enemies at Wendy's, Fake-ass Stories, 


Carlos’ Curtain Call

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss NWA, Penis' on Fire & Caught Up, A dad and daughter don't disappoint in...Oh, Florida! And much more.


Boo-Boo The Fool

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Court, Women vs. Women,


Dick Liquor

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Japan's Underwear/Hair accessory, Drones that are Down, Jess' time at the beach and much more.


Ratchet Diss Track

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Drake vs. Meek, Mushroom trips, Hulk Hogan, Sexuality, Cecil and more!


F*ckin Flipper

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh talk Texas vs. Magic, Model stabbing, Old Man Hair and much more!


Tasty Panties

This week on your favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh talk Abortion Dates, Male Virgins, Blizzard Hook Ups and much more!

Texas school shitter


Dildo Smoke

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Happy New Year from your favorite #NSFW show!! Jess and Josh start things off with a bang talking Condoms for Christmas, Mee-Maws with Dildos, Bus stabbings, Oh, Florida! And much mothafuckin more....;_ylt=A0LEV7vSpK1Uy2AArRwPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMG04Z2o2BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw


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