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Peein In The Pacific

Jess is back and having even more fun (if that's even possible) Sliddin' up in my DM's? listen to is...

...Mama El & 4th of July! Busstories! Phone Sex! and so much more!!!


U Had Me @ Dicks

Jess is back and funnier than ever! This week; Road Head! New Moon! Uber Fucks! Laundro's Birthday! and much more sass 'n' sillyness.




Cardinal Crackhead

Hey gang, Jess and Josh are back this week discussing #1 Shirt-cocking Fan, Rowdy-Robbing Birthday Girl, Cocaine Mouth Man of Oh Florida! Jess gets a couple new sex toys and Josh explains why "Ya gotta wash your dick..." plus much more!


Sexy Scrot’s

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW podcast, Jess and Josh discuss Poly Relationships, Wacking it Dangerously, Punched by a Stripper, Penis Measuring Tapes and much more!


Benny Hill’s Raid

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Car-jacking to school, 

Charlie Sheen and his peen, Oh Florida! Sex gets deadly and much more...

Naked For A Donut

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Empire and the n-word, Our Sex Act Winner, Bowel Bandits, News Crew Mugged on Air, Oh, Florida! and much motherfuckin' more!!


Asses of Chocolate

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh get to the bottom of Vage Yogurt, Narc Parrots, Randy Gynos, Kanye and much more.


Straight Pubes

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Sit-On-Face-Ins, Good Sons, Fast 11 year olds and of course Sex Acts to make ya blush, personal stories and Oh, Florida!


Prostitute Shoulders

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This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh talk Cop Dick Pics, Sex Mountain, spread the Creme Fraiche, visit Oh, Florida! And much more...send stories to

Patrice O'neal on cheating


Vibrating Eggs are Delightful!

This week on your favorite #NSFW show-it's 1/2 the size, but still a great ride!
Jess and Josh answer personal stories from fans, talk crackheads, and catch up on catcalls.
Then the tech shit fucked up, so the show ends @ 33 minutes.


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