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Helpful Hoes

Jess Wood is back with more GET WOOD* stories from the streets to the sheets, nothing off limits! Comic, storyteller Jess Wood tells true stories, does characters and just plain entertains with glee. This episode finds Jess on The Kill Tony Podcast! Keith & The Girl! Soaking in a jacuzzi and much more...


Facials For Fun

Jess is back with wild uncensored stories about #Metoo! CardiB! Returning Dick Sparks! Facials For All! Moth Stories! and more!!


Peein In The Pacific

Jess is back and having even more fun (if that's even possible) Sliddin' up in my DM's? listen to is...

...Mama El & 4th of July! Busstories! Phone Sex! and so much more!!!


Competing For Condolences

Jess Wood is back this week and talking lust, love and a tribute to Mama El.


Dick Sparks

Jess is back! Stories of bad dates, cholo husbands, mama el and more!!!

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OG Dick Pic

Jess and Josh are back this week talking; Jess' PCP Score at 14, Mapplethorpe photos, Mega-Bus Masturbations, Comedy Roast Battles, Husband Dog Food, Affluenza Teen Jail Time, and much more.



Adventures of Robot Dick

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Happy New Year! Jess and Josh continue to bring you world news/worldstar. This week they talk Militia Madness, A different kind of Beer Gut, Texas Aunt Takes Teen...and much more!


Santa’s Slashin’

This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW podcast, Jess and Josh discuss Subway Vigilantes, Mee-Maw's Sex Scare, A 10 year old Driver, Oh, England! and more.


Sexy Scrot’s

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW podcast, Jess and Josh discuss Poly Relationships, Wacking it Dangerously, Punched by a Stripper, Penis Measuring Tapes and much more!


Je t’aime Twerking

This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Weed-filled U-Hauls,

 Hats for Man Buns, Death by Hot Tub, Oh, Florida and more!!

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