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Bad Vibe Buddhist

Jess is back with more fun ratchet stories! Planned Parenthood Visit! Russian or Neit! Paint-Huffin in Pomona! and much more fun, characters and sillyness...


Merry Jizzmass

Jess Wood is back with a very special Christmas episode of GET WOOD! It's An #NSFW Audio Diary that includes stories, characters and songs. Nothing is off limits-from the streets to the sheets, Jess tells all.

This week Jess re-caps last years' jizzmass show, compares xmas parties, discusses witches and solstice, gives a big-ole book update and so much muthafuckin more!!


Peein In The Pacific

Jess is back and having even more fun (if that's even possible) Sliddin' up in my DM's? listen to is...

...Mama El & 4th of July! Busstories! Phone Sex! and so much more!!!


Pirate’s Pleasure Chest

Jess is back and fiesty as ever! Talking adventures in anal! Howling at the Moon! Primal Trauma!

Mountain men! Pirates! Weddings! Oh My!


Glue Trap House

Jess is back this week with more rausing tales of blazing bus rides, scandalous shitstorms, hiphops help to happiness and much much more! 


What’s A Jizz Worth?

This week on GET WOOD Jess interviews Kelly & Lindsay! 

They discuss threesomes, dick size, being from Oh, Florida! And much more.

Listen. Laugh. Share.


Sex, Masturbation & The Hug Hormone w/Sara Benincasa

On the highly anticipated first episode of Jess Wood's show GET WOOD, Sara Benincasa guests and they talk; masturbation, bisexual tendencies, Catholic school, fuck-buddies, mental problems and why being nice always gets them very wet. 

The gals also discuss; a woman fakes illness to get out of a date she's on 
                                    and a dude who looses a bet and has to get breast implants.

listen, laugh and touch yourself!

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2 In The Pink University

Jess and Josh are back this week discussing Gun Lovin Mamas, A Naked Traffic Jam, Prison Bae Release, Oh, Florida, a few follow-ups and much more!  

Send stories/



This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh discuss Who Gets Hanukah, Toys R Us Shoot-out, Camaroonian Cholas, Oh Florida! And much more!!


Sexy Scrot’s

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW podcast, Jess and Josh discuss Poly Relationships, Wacking it Dangerously, Punched by a Stripper, Penis Measuring Tapes and much more!


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