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Sex Positive Comedian Jess Wood tells stories, does characters and interviews guests in an NSFW setting Submit

Pirate’s Pleasure Chest

Jess is back and fiesty as ever! Talking adventures in anal! Howling at the Moon! Primal Trauma!

Mountain men! Pirates! Weddings! Oh My!


Casket Kegger

Jess is back this week and has special guest Juliet with her! Join them as they discuss Prank Texts! Sparrow & Laundro! Funeral Door Charges! and More!!


Penis Pied Piper

This week Jess brings you a mouse update, more memorials, her newest and strongest teammember and much much more hilarity!!

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Smiling Vaginas

This week on the funny-as-hell Get Wood, Jess' guest is the hilarious Nadya Ginsburg. 

Jess opens the show with stories about her mama cutting her ex, agents getting a bong and being sent home from school for dressing like an 11 year old hooker. Andy opens up (literally) about hemorrhoids, being a half-jew and tells us her masturbation poem that she wrote when she was a child.
Funny! Informative! A great time! Listen. Laugh. Share.
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Woo Dumps Tang

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Jealous Boyfriends, NPR nervous about Jess, Gone Bad, McDonalds beating, and much much more!!


Tasty Panties

This week on your favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh talk Abortion Dates, Male Virgins, Blizzard Hook Ups and much more!

Texas school shitter


Dildo Smoke

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Happy New Year from your favorite #NSFW show!! Jess and Josh start things off with a bang talking Condoms for Christmas, Mee-Maws with Dildos, Bus stabbings, Oh, Florida! And much mothafuckin more....;_ylt=A0LEV7vSpK1Uy2AArRwPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMG04Z2o2BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw


Straight Pubes

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Sit-On-Face-Ins, Good Sons, Fast 11 year olds and of course Sex Acts to make ya blush, personal stories and Oh, Florida!


The Creamer Sisters

This week on the world's favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh Ass Measurements, Cock Art, Oh, Florida! and much much more!

Richard Pryor


Sword Holder

This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh talk Preachers vs. Pimps, Jess' Acid X-Mas, Hot Cops, and much more! From Pussy-juice cocktails to Protesting Safely...that's what The Ratchet Hatchet is all about.


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