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Lick A Dick

Jess Wood is Get Wood, an #nsfw Audio Diary taking listeners from the streets to the sheets. Nothing is off limits. This episode finds Jess at a pro-abortion comedy show (again), Laundro update, Jess visits an Al-Anon meeting, Methers Stole The Stickers and much more!


Who Moves The Dick?

Jess is back and has company! Chomey sits in and helps Jess figure out very important life issues like who is in charge of the about-to-cum-dick? How long is an appropriate IG movie? Can Jess really smell pussy on breath? All this and more!!


Bangsy Malone Bangs Out

Jess Wood is back this week with wild stories of sex, transportation, comedy and more!!

Updates on: Pirate! Acid! Laundro! Waitressing! Plus, an Ass-Slappin' good time at the bar!

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U Had Me @ Dicks

Jess is back and funnier than ever! This week; Road Head! New Moon! Uber Fucks! Laundro's Birthday! and much more sass 'n' sillyness.




Shi##y Selfies

Jess is back this week with stories from the streets! Methadone addict audition! Putting the Team Back! Anal gets poopy! and much more...


Watch Love, Connie 


What’s A Jizz Worth?

This week on GET WOOD Jess interviews Kelly & Lindsay! 

They discuss threesomes, dick size, being from Oh, Florida! And much more.

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OG Dick Pic

Jess and Josh are back this week talking; Jess' PCP Score at 14, Mapplethorpe photos, Mega-Bus Masturbations, Comedy Roast Battles, Husband Dog Food, Affluenza Teen Jail Time, and much more.



One Angry Mummyfucka

Hey gang! Jess and Josh are back this week talking Assault w a deadly Gator, Powerfully Strong Vagina's, Racism & the ruckus around Beyonce's Formation Video, Michigan's poo water yet No Poo-Hole, plus much more...listen laugh subscribe. 


Zika Dicka

Hey gang we are back from two weeks away!! Jess and Josh talk;

Jess' LA trip childhood & gang memories, Zika is coming to get yer no-no place! SuperBowl Prostitutes, Valentine Doo-Doo Undies, Oscar Boycott, Diversity in film/tv, Movie Reviews from Crime 101 
and much more
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Ratchet 101

This week on everyone's favorite #NSFW show, Jess and Josh discuss Makin Militia Bags O'Dicks , Robbed by Tinder Twice, Oh Florida, a follow-up on poor Robot Dick, personal David Bowie stories from Jess & Josh and more...


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