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Merry Jizzmass

Jess Wood is back with a very special Christmas episode of GET WOOD! It's An #NSFW Audio Diary that includes stories, characters and songs. Nothing is off limits-from the streets to the sheets, Jess tells all.

This week Jess re-caps last years' jizzmass show, compares xmas parties, discusses witches and solstice, gives a big-ole book update and so much muthafuckin more!!


2 Dicks 1 Day

Jess Wood is back and having more fun than ever! Pussy Eating 101! Laundro update! Meth! Mothers Day! and much more!!


PCP Popcorn & a Movie

Jess Wood is Get Wood and bringing you stories from the streets to between her sheets!! Nothing is off limits...In this episode; Pirate Fingerbangs! Mama El & the ese's! Fairy God daughter! and much more...!


Penis Pied Piper

This week Jess brings you a mouse update, more memorials, her newest and strongest teammember and much much more hilarity!!

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Glue Trap House

Jess is back this week with more rausing tales of blazing bus rides, scandalous shitstorms, hiphops help to happiness and much much more! 


My Abortion Material Kills

Jess Wood is back and can't wait to tell you all about all her adventures!!

Halloween with a Glory-hole! Cholo Love! Tuck Frump! and much more...


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Giggling Thug

Jess Wood takes you on adventures through the wild streets of Los Angeles; Listen to her speak on...

Crip pick-up on the Metro, a Homeless husband, Peeing Vs. Squirting, a lesson from Mama El and much more!! 
Listen. Laugh & Share.

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The Dicktures Made Me Do It

Jess Wood is back! GET WOOD turns 6 this week and to celebrate it's ALL WOOD for a full hour. 

Listen to Jess tell stories of huffing, job interviews gone bad, memorials and apartments too close to where she was shot.

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Sex, Masturbation & The Hug Hormone w/Sara Benincasa

On the highly anticipated first episode of Jess Wood's show GET WOOD, Sara Benincasa guests and they talk; masturbation, bisexual tendencies, Catholic school, fuck-buddies, mental problems and why being nice always gets them very wet. 

The gals also discuss; a woman fakes illness to get out of a date she's on 
                                    and a dude who looses a bet and has to get breast implants.

listen, laugh and touch yourself!

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Fetus Top Hat

This week on the world's favorite show, Jess and Josh discuss Tuck Frump, God Don't Care, Missing Teeth and FINAL FAREWELL!!! we love you kids...thanks for all the fun xoxoxo J&J


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