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Love, Your Yoni

Jess is back and covering all the craziest shit from her last two weeks. Homeless Dads! Laundro Life! Tattoo Time! Pirate Plunge! Sexy Sex and much much more. Jess doesn't leave any details out...from the streets to the sheets, nothing is off limits.


99 Problems But A Dick Ain’t One

Jess Wood is back with another episode of Get Wood. Adventures from the streets to the sheets nothing is off limits. This week Jess tells Thanksgiving stories, Sexual harrasment stories, and a Menage might await with laundro and the Pirate....and more!


PCP Popcorn & a Movie

Jess Wood is Get Wood and bringing you stories from the streets to between her sheets!! Nothing is off limits...In this episode; Pirate Fingerbangs! Mama El & the ese's! Fairy God daughter! and much more...!


The Gang Bang Mall

Jess is back this week bring you up to date on her adventures...

BMO is back and blowing' out mattresses, An ese makes Jess an accomplice and wtf is going on politically! 
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Dick Sparks

Jess is back! Stories of bad dates, cholo husbands, mama el and more!!!

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Wet Again Cuz Yer Mexican

This week on Get Wood your host Jess Wood has Allison Castillo in studio. Jess catches us up on her week which included; job training gone bad, oh florida and SEX! So much sex. Allison and Jess discuss gangs,

the true pronunciation of Castillo, and dig deep details on Jess' 'Bone-out" 
 Plus much more!!!
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Sex Ed, No Homo w/ Greg Walloch

This week Jess talks to Founder & Director of The Alchemy of Storytelling and Creator of 'Eat Your Words' the hip and funny food-themed, storytelling show at the Standard Sunset in Hollywood.

Greg tells his stories of growing up and only learning about one kind of sex when anyone would talk to him at all. A fabulous storyteller, he gives a few good ones-especially if you believe in the power of a good ass eating. He also delightfully mentioned that he hopes we are all still learning stuff. Love him. 
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Jackie Beat video....

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Dr. Nutsalot

Jess and Josh are back this week to discuss; Jared catching A Beating, Watching Porn Kills A Man,


Just For The Jizz Of It

Jess and Josh are back and they're talking Drumpf Trump, Me-Maw Madams, 



This week on everybody's favorite #NSFW show Jess and Josh discuss Who Gets Hanukah, Toys R Us Shoot-out, Camaroonian Cholas, Oh Florida! And much more!!


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