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Masturbation Baths

Jess Wood is at it again! Laughter will insue when you strap your headphones on and hear Jess' characters react to life, love and the pursuit of a converstational bus ride...Planned Parenthood Fundraiser, White People Are Scary, Sex, Masturbation, and so much more.  


Peein In The Pacific

Jess is back and having even more fun (if that's even possible) Sliddin' up in my DM's? listen to is...

...Mama El & 4th of July! Busstories! Phone Sex! and so much more!!!


Casket Kegger

Jess is back this week and has special guest Juliet with her! Join them as they discuss Prank Texts! Sparrow & Laundro! Funeral Door Charges! and More!!


U Had Me @ Dicks

Jess is back and funnier than ever! This week; Road Head! New Moon! Uber Fucks! Laundro's Birthday! and much more sass 'n' sillyness.




Dolphin Coffin

Jess Wood is back this week with stories about Sex! Laundro! Jack Sparrow! Chinese Food! Heartbreak!  MamaEl's other 1/2 ashes and more...


The Gang Bang Mall

Jess is back this week bring you up to date on her adventures...

BMO is back and blowing' out mattresses, An ese makes Jess an accomplice and wtf is going on politically! 
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The Dicktures Made Me Do It

Jess Wood is back! GET WOOD turns 6 this week and to celebrate it's ALL WOOD for a full hour. 

Listen to Jess tell stories of huffing, job interviews gone bad, memorials and apartments too close to where she was shot.

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What’s A Jizz Worth?

This week on GET WOOD Jess interviews Kelly & Lindsay! 

They discuss threesomes, dick size, being from Oh, Florida! And much more.

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Wet Again Cuz Yer Mexican

This week on Get Wood your host Jess Wood has Allison Castillo in studio. Jess catches us up on her week which included; job training gone bad, oh florida and SEX! So much sex. Allison and Jess discuss gangs,

the true pronunciation of Castillo, and dig deep details on Jess' 'Bone-out" 
 Plus much more!!!
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The Florida Forty

Jess and Josh are back this week talking Dicks on Parade, Yelling at Politicians, Nurse Dicks, Janet's Old Eggs, Oh Florida! and so much more! 

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