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The Heroin People

Posted in lol, food, ratchet, crystal methaney, Stories, Sexting, comedy, funny, Art, Gangs, haha, true stories by thejesswood on May 27th, 2018

Jess is back and telling listeners about her 12yr old spandex wearing self, A Laundro update, loving acid and punk rock, KillTony Podcast (again!) and more...


Helpful Hoes

Jess Wood is back with more GET WOOD* stories from the streets to the sheets, nothing off limits! Comic, storyteller Jess Wood tells true stories, does characters and just plain entertains with glee. This episode finds Jess on The Kill Tony Podcast! Keith & The Girl! Soaking in a jacuzzi and much more...


That Shit Aint Sexy

Jess is back!This episode finds her in some very precarious positions...Pirate and Laundro Updates! Jess & Planned Parenthood! Mama El and Valentines! Shittiest Story Ever! and more delightful ratchetness.


40 oz. Of No Fucks



Jess Wood is back this week with new wild tales! Gentrification from the Lyft shares!

More Prank Calls! Bruce Vilanche Lookalike! Plus much more...


The Florida Forty

Jess and Josh are back this week talking Dicks on Parade, Yelling at Politicians, Nurse Dicks, Janet's Old Eggs, Oh Florida! and so much more! 

jess and josh answer anything, so send stories


Dr. Nutsalot

Jess and Josh are back this week to discuss; Jared catching A Beating, Watching Porn Kills A Man,


Just For The Jizz Of It

Jess and Josh are back and they're talking Drumpf Trump, Me-Maw Madams, 


2 In The Pink University

Jess and Josh are back this week discussing Gun Lovin Mamas, A Naked Traffic Jam, Prison Bae Release, Oh, Florida, a few follow-ups and much more!  

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Cardinal Crackhead

Hey gang, Jess and Josh are back this week discussing #1 Shirt-cocking Fan, Rowdy-Robbing Birthday Girl, Cocaine Mouth Man of Oh Florida! Jess gets a couple new sex toys and Josh explains why "Ya gotta wash your dick..." plus much more!


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